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The Dentistry Guide

The Most Visited Dental Care Tourism Destinations

Getting affordable dental care is great, that is why a lot of people travel to a different country to get the best affordable dental care. However, where is the best county to get dental care?


You have so many choices when it comes to dental tourism. If you visit a dental clinic in another country you can actually save up to 70%.


Here are the top dental care tourism destination


A. Thailand         


You can actually find some of the most advance and largest dental clinic in Thailand. Most dentists in Thailand are experts, that is why there are a lot of successful dental treatments. The top dental clinics in Thailand are Sea Smile dental clinic and Bangkok international dental clinic. People that are from Canada, New Zealand, America and Australia usually get their dental treatment in Thailand. Learn the cost of dental implants mexico here!


B. Mexico


There are quality dental clinics in Mexico. You can just drive across the border. A lot of people from Canada and America go to Mexico to get dental treatment.


C. Spain


Dental treatments were always affordable in Spain. Today, the price of dental treatments are getting lower. Most people from Germany and England get their dental treatment in Spain. Read Brio Dental mexico reviews here!



D. Turkey


One of the reasons why people avail dental treatments in Turkey is because they have a lot of skilled dentists.


E. Czech Republic


Prague provides quality dental treatments at an affordable price. The price of an airline ticket going to Prague is very affordable. Most people from Australia, Germany and England get their dental treatment in Prague. For more details about dental services, check out


F. Dubai


Emirates made Dubai the center of dental tourist. Dubai has a lot of skilled and experienced dentists that offer quality dental treatments. Most people from Australia, Germany, America and England get their dental treatment in Dubai.


G. Philippines


Philippines is a popular tourist destination and they also offer quality dental care treatments. People in the Philippines are known for their hospitality. Most people from Australia, Canada, Germany, America and England get their dental treatment in the Philippines.


H. Poland


Poland offers world class dental care. Most people from Australia, Norway, Canada, Germany, America and England get their dental treatment in Poland.


I. Costa Rica


You can enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica while receiving excellent dental care. Their dentists are professionally trained Americans. Their dentists are skilled and very friendly. They are usually visited by people from Canada and America.


J. Hungary


Hungary is the main dental tourism destination, since they have world renowned dentists and state of the art dental equipment and facilities.